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Storage: Magnetic media first and foremost need to be stored in a cool and dry environment with humidity less than 50% and temperature should be below 70F/22C. Temperatures that are too cold also pose a problem of brittleness (32F/0C). Tapes should be stored on their long ends supported by the reel hubs and not on their sides. Storage should be airtight and sealed from light with desiccants added for moisture absorption. Tapes should be stored fully wound so only the tape leader is exposed. Originals should be played as little as possible if at all. It is best to have several duplicates made as back ups as well as have the original digitized for further mastering and different format authoring.

Mastering: Almost all of Srila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja's recordings were done on a non-professional basis and quiet often several recordings were being done of the same class so final mastering has some added challenges. Quiet often we will use three or four different recordings to make up the final master. The reason for this is that since different devotees were recording the same lecture and capturing different parts of the lecture. The side A-B gap on every tape is different from recording to recording. Sometimes areas of a lecture will be missing or partial, such as the Oriya, singing, some of the English class, translations and invocations. Also some recordings will have the after class darsan and some will not. Also some parts of a recording may be inaudible but with the right filters we can bring it into normal range again. Sometimes the pitch of Srila Gurudeva's voice is recorded too low or too fast, this can be corrected in the mastering process. Other unwanted background noise from the tape (hisses, pops and crackles) can be reduced and the voice quality enhanced for hearing. To fully master a lecture is to have as much of the lecture completed as possible. It has been helpful to even use audio from videos to complete a mastered lecture. There are many variables that go to make up a master and usually one tape is not enough to complete it. That is why we encourage devotees to send their tapes even if we have a duplicate tape here. (Please see the SGGS Archive program). It is so important that each lecture has a comprehensive set of recordings to complete a master. Each original master is produced "AS IS" meaning with no editing and is as complete as possible for final archiving.

Digitizing and Duplication: digitizing the analogue recording is very important because of the deterioration of the magnetic media. Audio and video tapes first should be refreshed onto a new analogue tape. Computer software and equipment can be used to capture the audio or video signal. Further digital formats are then used for final digital mastering and archiving.

Photographs, Slides and Negatives: Photographs pose a more delicate problem for archiving as the colors and inks are very susceptible to light, UV rays (sunlight and artificial light). Other factors like air quality, temperature, humidity, pollutants, finger prints etc. all influence the life span of a negative, slide or photo. With careful storage color photos can last as long as fifty years and black and white photos can last longer depending on the archival quality of paper they are printed on. If the photo is printed on a non-archival paper with acid then the inks will fade alot faster especially with humidity over 50% and temperatures that are unstable and fluctuating.

Storage: The best way to store photos is to display in albums with acid-free, archival paper and cover, held in with no sort of glue, only acid-free photo corners; slides and negatives in sleeves of the same attributes. Seal photos and negatives off from the air by putting them in plastic storage boxes with the lids that snap down. Use packs of desiccants to absorb moisture. Make a note on your calendar to replace them every few months. Keep the humidity low and the temperature stable. Putting a stack of loose photos together in a box may end up damaging the delicate surface of the photos through scratches and fraying the paper they are printed on. It is better to individually wrap each photo in an archival envelope then store in an airtight plastic box with desiccant away from sunlight.

Digitizing and Printing: These originals will continue to fade, even with the best care so scanning these photos will capture them before they fade any further and prints can then be made from these scans. If you want to hang photos on the wall, have good prints made from high quality scans. That way, you can put the framed picture where you like, even on a sunny wall. When it fades, just print another. Have a photo book printed and keep that on the shelf instead of the original album. The benefits are two-fold: the album is not handled and exposed to the light, and the original pictures are not touched and smeared with fingerprints.



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Krsna Follows Behind His Devotee

Krsna said to Uddhava, "That Guru, Acarya who teaches by his own example is my manifestation, acaryam mam vijaniyan. Do you consider him an ordinary human being, na martya-buddhyasuyeta. All the demigods are manifested there in the person of the Guru, in the body of the Guru, sarva-deva-mayo guruh, because he is a dear devotee Krsna. A suddha bhakta, a pure devotee, very intimate. Even Krsna Himself serves him, as Krsna served the Pandavas. He became their messenger. Krsna is known as bhakta-bhaktiman. Bhakta is known as bhagavata-bhaktiman. Krsna is always seeking an opportunity how to serve His pure devotee. It is said that Krsna un-noticingly follows His pure devotee to take some dust of his lotus feet, bhakta vatsala.

"Simplicity is Vaisnavism"
24th July 1990

Srila Gour Govinda Swami

The Souls Crying

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

This is the soul's crying, O Hare, O Krsna, I am Your servant." This is the chanting of Hare Krsna.

"Act for the Pleasure of Krsna"
28th Jan 1995





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